Featherwish is a pale ginger she-cat with white paws and amber eyes.


She is first seen delievering food to the queens. She snaps at Featherkit and Emberberry sends her to train with Bloodstripe, Patchpaw, and Rainpaw. They hunt bats and kill a fox. Featherstar says they should celabrate and the Clan feasts on fox meat.

She is upset when Blackpaw tells her he loves Snowpaw and realizes Blackpaw can't be her best friend anymore if he becomes mates with Snowpaw. She then suggests they battle train with the other apprentices and they do. Then all of them are assigned to do a mock battle.

While she and Rainpaw are hunting, Rainpaw calls her catch beautiful. Featherpaw freaks out and Rainpaw replies that he can dream of loving her but she couldn't tell Blackpaw. Featherpaw nods but is a mess and soon grows ill. Featherstar tells her to rest and Rainpaw takes care of her. She loves him and the two date. 

Berrynose hits her while they are training. Flamefire dashes in and yells at Berrynose. Featherpaw listens to Bloodstripe and her father talk about what should be done about Berrynose before going off to hunt with Rainpaw.

When she and Patchpaw playfight Wildsky and Kinktail think she has given up on Rainpaw. She hisses and stalks off.

She earns her warrior name, Featherwish, along with Snowsong, Patchclaw, Rainfall, and Blacknight.

She becomes mates with Rainfall and they have two kits, Cloverkit and Robinkit. She tells her kits what they look like. Later she is seen talking Snowsong about kits.

She receives her first apprentice, Featherpaw. Featherpaw soon gets the name of Featherwind, and Featherwish gets another apprentice named Nightpaw.

Life ImageEdit

Featherpaw pic