Rainpaw pic

Rainpaw is a blue-gray tom with blue eyes.

Mentor: Emberberry


Mother: Micah

Father: Tyger

Brothers: Patchclaw, Blacknight

Half-Brother: Graykit

Half-Sister: Lavenderkit

Mate: Featherwish

Rainfall hunting in the Forest.

Daughter: Iriskit

Son: Robinkit


He goes hunting with Bloodstripe, Patchpaw, and Featherpaw. They hunt some bats and kill a fox. They take it back to camp, and the camp celabrates.

He is training with his mentor Emberberry and then all the apprentices are assigned a mock battle. Later he has to hunt with Featherpaw, and he compliments her on her catch. Featherpaw freaks out, and Rainpaw says he can dream of loving her, but she couldn't tell Blackpaw.

When Featherpaw falls ill, he takes care of her and the two young cats date. The Clan gossips about them

Rainpaw and Featherpaw go hunting and he catches a crane. All the apprentices are sharing tongues, and when Patchpaw and Featherpaw play-fight, Wildsky and Kinktail think that Featherpaw had disposed of Rainpaw already.

He becomes a warrior named Rainfall, along with Feathwish, Snowsong, Blacknight, and Patchclaw. He and Featherwish become mates. He gets an apprentice named Stormpaw. When Dawnleg is going mad, he and Stormpaw tie her down with ivy tendrils. 

He has two kits with Featherwish, Cloverkit and Robinkit. His apprentice is made a warrior.

When Cloverkit opens her eyes, he is there.