I opened my eyes. It was all blurry around me. My sister was still sleeping. I got up all wobbly and fell down. My mother, Featherwish gave a little chuckle. "Quit!" I hissed. "Alright, Alright!". My father, Rainfall came in. I looked at him. Then I wondered what I looked like. I turned to my mom "What do I look like?" I asked her. "Your a blue-gray tom with black legs ginger speckled ears and bright green eyes. I smiled.


I saw my brother being groomed. My mother's tounge went swiftly through his fur. My father looked at me. "Featherwish, look!". My mother looked at me "Your eyes Iriskit, their purple!" I gasped then got up. My legs were firm and steady. I walked over to my mom and brother. "Purple is pretty!" I said She smiled. "Yes, it is a pretty color." I smiled and did a backflip. "Whoop!!"


I grinned as I play fought with Fawnkit. We rolled around in the dirt, ruining the careful grooming of our mothers. 

"I'm tired!" gasped Fawnkit.

"Let's sneak out of camp!" I suggested. What was it like outside the camp? It had seemed big at first, but it was really boring and small now. 

"No!" Fawnkit was such a goody-two-paws, I thought resentfully.

Suddenly my dad emerged from the camp wih his apprentice Stormpaw. My mom and her apprentice, Featherpaw, padded after them. They were sweaty and all bloody. "Twolegs!" my dad gasped. "Their dog attacked us!"

Topazstar skidded from his den, his deputy Emberberry close behind. "We attack the dogs tonight!" the leader yowled.

I bounced up and down and ran up to Iriskit. "We so have to join the battle patrol," I told her. 

Iriskit rolled her purple eyes. "You and fighting. I rather be a medicine cat." 

I hissed and stomped up to Emberberry. "Can I join the battle?"

"No, you're only a kit," purred the deputy. "Now go back to your mom, little one."

I smiled and padded to the nursery. Whether they liked it or not, I was going to join the battle.


I watched Robinkit go into the nursery, smirking. What was he up to now? I wondered as I tasted the air for any kit to play with. Delightedly, I detected Furzekit. She was rolling around with Diamondkit and Lavenderkit. I hopped in beside her and together we beat off the older she-kits.

"HA! We win!" I yowled happily.

Diamondkit pouted for a moment then sniffed moodily. "Luck, I suppose."

"Not luck, pure skill," Furzekit retorted.

lavenderkit huffed and stomped off, looking pisssed. I curled my lip in comtempt and saw my uncle Patchclaw. "Hey Unky!" I chirped, leaping onto him. He purred and we wrestled together.