Tanglepaws Prophecy


I woke up in a dream, greeted by Tank, who was standing in front of me, in his golden form. He said you one day you will dwell in the dark forest will be trained by Blackstorm and will kill your love and finally... his voice faded when I woke up. My eyes felt like someone poked them with a needle. I pushed Diamondpaw, who was still laying on me. I went to the nearest lake and looked at my eyes. They where blood red, but with the pupil. I heard a long, evil laugh then saw Blackstorm. He appeared in the this realm, but how he said one day you will belong to me and vanished into thin air. I ran back to camp and explained everything. Everyone laughed and I said look at my eyes and they said they where blue. Was it a dream or not? I didn't know.

To Be Countinued...

Another short story by Inferno special thanks to Cinderz and Embz ( we all miss you :( )