Tank is hunting

Tank is a loner that suspitiously Star-gazes. He is a big brown cat with the powers to turn golden as the sun and hover. If you make him very angry he will turn on fire and burn his surroundings. Making it extra deadly is he cant control his actions.

Life Edit

Tank is a loner that always expects guest on journeys to find him. He was found by Tanglepaw in Tangle's Adventures while Tanglepaw was wondering the forest. He soon brought him to the mysterious StarPath that leads to StarClan. He later saw Tanglepaw was guided to StormClan by teleporting. He later went back to his den to rest for a month. He woke up by the sound of mewing. He woke up to run into a small patch of grass where a small kit was laying. He brought the kit to his home and now is training him his ways. 



•Adopted kit:Buddy

Golden Tank

Tank using his power


•He belives in StarClan, although he's a loner.

He does not live in a clan because when he turns mad he can burn the camp down.