The wiki's a bit small and still fairly new, with no offical admins, but I want to help out any new users that I can. Leave a message on my Message Wall if you have any questions. Make sure you do the following:

  • Follow the chat rules (no chatspeak or cussing)
  • We don't have enough users, but some cats are already by roleplayed by certain users (example: User:.Cinderflight, our Founder, roleplays Micah and I roleplay Featherpaw and Graystorm) Please make a request if you want to roleplay a cat.
  • Please do NOT make a cat without permission. That page will be deleted immediately.
  • Don't add family members for a cat; leave that up to the Founder, please.
  • Don't make irrelvant edits. (example: Changing someone's family around such as switching "Mother" from first to second and putting "Brother" from second to first.
  • Have fun, and edit this wiki!

Everyone, please know these are not the wiki's official rules, just my advice. It is what I used to keep myself out of trouble on the wiki, and I would like to share that with new users. Comment if you want me to add anything. I'll do it. If you are too embarassed to comment (I was like that XD. The senior users scared me.), I am usaully in chat, so go on and private message me. Or go to User:.Cinderflight (the Founder). She's on more.

Best Wishes,

User: AeolianEmberberry