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  • I was born on January 29
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  • I am Epic
  • EnergyShift

    We miss you, Ember!

    February 9, 2014 by EnergyShift

    I just wrote this blog post because Ember is gone, yeah it is a waste of time but if you are reading this Ember, where have you been? You probably won't respond to this blog post but I just want you to come back to wikia

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  • EnergyShift

    My Shocking Secret

    December 15, 2012 by EnergyShift

    I have a secret that I am forbidden to tell anyone in my family so keep this a secret. I have been have nightmares of Slenderman and all and I REALLY believe he is out there somewhere. My sercet is I am a Slendy hunter.

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  • EnergyShift

    Ashy, where are you?! Why haven't you been on lately? Chat has gone speechless so far! 

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  • EnergyShift

    "The random list"

    December 2, 2012 by EnergyShift

    I'm just writing this because chat has gone ghosttown this week and The Levitating Pancakes are on to me! 

    Random topics:

    10:Monkey cops

    9: South Americans want revenge on Russia for stolen gummy worms! (Somewhat reminds me of a caterpillar)

    8: How do you operate the Militarys microwave? 

    7: Star Wars reminds me of cheese!

    6: Bob The Builder can't fix it! 

    5: What did the cat do to the couch now?

    4: Pig ate samurai and samurai ate.........

    3: Why does my coffee taste like salt.

    2: Big wiener dog pounces old lady! (Thought of that out of the back of my head!) 

    1: I'm sorry, it is so random the monkeys came and slammed my head on the ground and said "Hands behind your back!"

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